Raspberry Pi Zero Model W Tutorial 2: Making a Wireless Portable IP Camera

This tutorial shows you how to build a portable streaming IP camera from the Raspberry Pi Zero Model W.

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Raspberry Pi Zero Model W Tutorial 2: Making a Wireless Portable IP Camera


Raspberry Pi 3: 20 of the greatest projects you can test with the tiny computer

Received a Raspberry Pi 3? Below are Twenty perfect projects to start!

The Raspberry Pi 3 is probably the best starting points for utilizing code. Whether you’re a rookie with Python or a technology expert, this tiny computer is a wonderfully versatile device.

It’s something of an understatement to say that there’s a great deal you can try with the Raspberry Pi 3. Ever since the first Raspberry Pi was released in the year 2012, everyone has been putting it to work on projects which range from the helpful to the preposterous. Are planning to write your own games? Have a lookt. Want to make an intelligent media centre for your TV? Look. Wish to breathe life into a basic children’s plaything? Look.

On this page we’ve picked Twenty worthwhile projects to sink your teeth into – covering anything from the hassle-free to the tricky. These will likely work for those who have a Raspberry Pi 2, whilst they might be a slightly more complex if you’ve got the original Raspberry Pi or the Raspberry Pi Zero.

The Twenty greatest Raspberry Pi projects

1. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a PiCam

Connected IP cameras just like the Netatmo Welcome, Netgear Arlo as well as Google Nest Cam make it not hard to keep tabs on your private home over the net, however , they are very extravagant. In order to adventure all of the advantages of the Internet of Things(IoT) for a part of the cost, why don’t you employ a Raspberry Pi 2 to create your personal IP camera system?

All you’ll need is £50, together with some leisure time to configure Raspbian – the microcomputer’s open source Operating-system – and you will be remotely taking a look at your own home in no time. Seem decent? This post(http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/video-cameras/ip-cameras/1401648/raspberry-pi-projects-make-a-cctv-security-camera-system) from the Expert Reviews team can tell you the way it’s made.

2. Raspberry Pi projects: Write your own personal game

3. Raspberry Pi projects: Complete a GameBoy

No, very seriously. It is a legal and do-able project for the more advanced user. Due to the actual coding, it’s not the most difficult – you’re in a nutshell installing an emulator on your Raspberry Pi. The tricky task appears in the type of soldering the several items with each other.

Travis Brown from XodusTech (http://www.xodustech.com/projects/raspberry-pi-gameboy-pocket) has produced a comprehensive record of ways he brought his Game Boy back to reality using a Raspberry Pi. The greatest thing about building a Pi-Pocket – as he calls it – is that you’re not tied to playing just GameBoy games; the Pi-Pocket can also be able to play NES, Sega Master System and Game Gear titles, in addition to widespread Linux-based games like Doom and Duke Nukem.

4. Raspberry Pi projects: Build up an AI assistant
5. Raspberry Pi projects: Home Arcade Box
6. Raspberry Pi projects: Media centre for your TV

7. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a wireless stretcher

Absolutely nothing emphasizes the versatility of a Raspberry Pi pretty like this project (besides the GameBoy listed below). With a USB Wi-Fi dongle, a micro sd card and the Raspberry Pi itself, you expand the range of your wifi signal.

Guy Eastwood has generated the amazing Pi-Point internet site (http://www.pi-point.co.uk/), which takes you thru everything you need to be aware of this project. Go here to find detailed documentation and cost-free downloadable images to help you out.

8. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a download hub

9. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a Kodi streamer

Kodi is one of the most helpful streaming platforms available, making it possible to experience local and internet-based content on anything ranging from your smart phone to an Amazon Fire TV Stick(How-to guide: http://www.alphr.com/software/1001730/how-to-install-kodi-on-a-fire-tv-stick-the-best-way-to-download-kodi-to-an-amazon). Oh, and it’s conveniently obtainable on the Raspberry Pi 2. If you prefer to enjoy the good things about Kodi, the Raspberry Pi 2 is more than powerful enough, and the installation of the streaming application is quite easy likewise (http://www.alphr.com/media-centres/1000077/how-to-turn-a-raspberry-pi-into-an-xbmc-media-center-build-a-fully-functional).

10. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a camera trap
11. Raspberry Pi projects: Build a case
12. Raspberry Pi projects: Manage your stereo wirelessly
13. Raspberry Pi projects: Build your very own cloud server
14. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a cellular phone
15. Raspberry Pi projects: Build your unique PiRate radio station
16. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a intelligent beer refrigerator

17. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a dedicated Minecraft machine

Minecraft is probably the biggest success stories of the independent games world, and was purchased from the earliest creators by Microsoft in the year 2014. The sandbox construction SIM is actually an infinite digital LEGO set, and is needless to say widely loved by children. Yet, its simplistic, blocky graphics also mean it’s amazingly easy to run, and the latest versions of the default Raspbian OS possess a custom-optimized copy of the game pre-installed.

In case you have children who have fun playing Minecraft and you’re weary of them constantly monopolising your tablet or PC, a Raspberry Pi can be an very affordable, long lasting machine they can make use of for homework, films and all of the digital digging they are able to handle. You just need to a low-cost lcd screen, mouse and keyboard, and you can even effortlessly confiscate it if they are using it way too much.

18. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a talking toy
19. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a bitcoin mining system
20. Raspberry Pi projects: A little arcade case

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