DEK Horizon SMT PCB Screen Printer Accuracy & Repeatability Testing.

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If you like this video be sure to check out our video on the speedprint printer its much more impressive.

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This video is of a DEK Horizon during the “REPRINT” test portion, that is one aspect of our test strategies used in evaluating the machine capability and performance before shipping the machine to our Customers. This test combined with several others quantifies and provides the confidence level required.

In this reprint test, the PCB is printed and removed from the output conveyor track and transported back to the input track for reprint without any intervention. The machines vision and positioning systems along with the board support strategy must all be at optimal performance levels or the solder deposits will exhibit rapid deterioration accordingly.

Clearly, there are a host of other factors that contribute to the results of this test. However, we address them at prior stages of processing to achieve characteristic performance for the model tested.

You may notice a couple of deposits/ pads became smeared after a few prints. If you watch carefully, you will also see the person/cause transporting the PCB back to the input conveyor smear them with his thumb. The hazards of handling wet boards.

Of interest to some, is our use of common copier paper mounted to the sub straight in testing and videos. This provides good contrasting, aiding inspection methods and reduces sub straight influence on results. We began using this method in the early years of solder printing to aid process setup and verification, in addition to eliminating the need to remove solder deposits and avoid solider migration to all those difficult to clean areas.

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Proficient electronic circuit board assembly service provided by electronic circuit board suppliers

electronic circuit board suppliers

Greatest things about certified electronic circuit board assembly

When you are thinking about conducting the electronic circuit board assembly in-house at a professional level you’re quickly going to realize the actual investment cost is quite high. You will require at the very least: one pick and place equipment, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. You probably would also like other relevant hardware for inspection work and hand soldering gear. Additionally , you will need manpower and expertise which will raise the investment cost somewhat. And finally when you consider there is little or no ROI from this type of investment you will shortly choose to delegate the electronic circuit board assembly service. In general contracting out the electronic circuit board assembly work to an outward corporation ought to be more cost effective.

Then there is the element of quality; an enterprise dedicated to electronic circuit board assembly services will have the expertise and employees to make available superior quality. They will also put money into their development by continually having the latest technology so that the client gets all of the advantages from the latest assembly technologies. Chances are that you’ll hit a equipment related restriction doing in-house assembly if you can’t upgrade the devices regularly, by way of example, you might end-up in a condition where you are unable to dependably assembly the most current BGA package for a completely new processor.

Another highlight is the element of quality control. A respected electronic circuit board assembly plant will also gain a very good founded quality control service you could possibly make the most of by not being forced to do the quality control in-house. Absolutely, you would like to do an extra quality control process in-house but it is great to know at any rate the pcb’s are all functioning in the right way when they depart from the assembly line.

Shortcomings of specialist electronic circuit board assembly

One reason you don’t need to use outsourcing for the assembly of your project is to defend intellectual property. For everybody who is working on some top secret project or the most current idea that will change something, you would like to keep that as secret as possible so in this instance you would possibly do the electronic circuit board assembly in house.

In addition there are cases when the turnaround time of a prototype is crucial so you may not afford to wait a week for your electronic circuit board to come back from a specialist assembly line. If that’s the case it might be preferable to perform the assembly on-site.

Expense is additionally a vital reason you possibly will not prefer to go with a professional electronic circuit board assembly house, especially for small enterprises or enthusiasts. Prices for electronic circuit board assembly services have reduced a great deal in the last couple of years consequently this is less of an issue at the moment but nonetheless you will not see tons of individuals sending their one off hobby projects to a electronic circuit board assembly house.

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