First Video: Raspberry PI with USB Camera as IP Camera

First Test Project with Raspberry pi and Web Cam(USB). We are testing usb cam over Rpi to broad cast live streaming over Wifi, captured by USB Cam.

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1. Vishal Prajapati
2. Parth Ladani
3. Patel Hien

4. Kushal Duber

5. Vatshal Thakkar


Raspberry Pi 3: 20 of the highest quality projects you may try with the tiny computer

Possessed a Raspberry Pi 3? There are 20 magnificent projects to get yourself started on!

The Raspberry Pi 3 is one of the best starting points for using program code. Whether you’re a first-timer with Python or a tech expert, this computer is a fantastically multi-purpose machine.

It’s something of an understatement to say that there’s a lot that you can do with the Raspberry Pi 3. After the first Raspberry Pi was launched in the year 2012, everyone has been putting it to work on projects which range from the practical to the unbelievable. Like to write your games? Check this stuff out. Would like to make an intelligent media centre for your TV? Look. Wish to breathe life into a classic children’s plaything? Take a look.

At this point we have selected 20 beneficial projects to sink your teeth into – ranging from the very simple to the fiendish. These will also work if you’ve got a Raspberry Pi 2, although they might be a a little more complicated if you possess the original Raspberry Pi or the Raspberry Pi Zero.

The 20 greatest Raspberry Pi projects

1. Raspberry Pi projects: Build a PiCam

Connected IP cameras for instance , the Netatmo Welcome, Netgear Arlo and Google Nest Cam make it all to easy to watch over your place over the net, but nevertheless, they are very dear. If you like to feel all the best things about the Internet of Things(IoT) for a small part of the price, perhaps you should make use of a Raspberry Pi 2 to make your personal IP camera system?

All you require is £50, alongside some leisure time to configure Raspbian – the smallcomputer’s open source Operating-system – and you will be remotely checking out your home rapidly. Seem great? This tutorial( from the Expert Reviews team will reveal the way it’s done.

2. Raspberry Pi projects: Write your own personal game

3. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a GameBoy

No, seriously. This is a legit and do-able project for the more advanced user. Regarding the actual programming, it’s not actually the most difficult – you are pretty much adding an emulator on your Raspberry Pi. The tough process turns up in the type of soldering the different parts together.

Travis Brown from XodusTech ( has released a detailed log of how he brought his Game Boy back to life using a Raspberry Pi. The best thing about creating a Pi-Pocket – as he names it – is that you are not confined to playing just GameBoy games; the Pi-Pocket is also able to play NES, Sega Master System and even Game Gear titles, in addition to preferred Linux-based games for example , Doom and Duke Nukem.

4. Raspberry Pi projects: Build up an AI assistant
5. Raspberry Pi projects: Home Arcade Box
6. Raspberry Pi projects: Media centre for your TV

7. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a wireless extender

Nothing shows the flexibility of a Raspberry Pi fairly like this project (apart from the GameBoy down the page). With a USB Wi-Fi dongle, a micro sd card and the Raspberry Pi itself, you improve the reach of your wi-fi signal.

Guy Eastwood has generated the wonderful Pi-Point internet site (, which can take you through all that you should learn about this project. Click this link to obtain complete documentation and cost-free downloadable pictures to assist you.

8. Raspberry Pi projects: Build a download hub

9. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a Kodi streamer

Kodi is considered among the most helpful streaming platforms easily available, assisting you to experience local and online content on anything from your cell phone to an Amazon Fire TV Stick(How-to guide: Oh, and it’s made available on the Raspberry Pi 2. If you prefer to enjoy the features about Kodi, the Raspberry Pi 2 is more than powerful enough, and installing the streaming software program is actually trouble-free likewise (

10. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a camera trap
11. Raspberry Pi projects: Build a case
12. Raspberry Pi projects: Control your stereo wirelessly
13. Raspberry Pi projects: Construct your unique cloud server
14. Raspberry Pi projects: Build a telephone
15. Raspberry Pi projects: Make your individual PiRate radio station
16. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a smart beer refrigerator

17. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a dedicated Minecraft machine

Minecraft is one of the biggest success stories of the indie games world, and was purchased from the original founders by Microsoft in the year 2014. The sandbox construction SIM is actually an infinite digital LEGO set, and is logically widely loved by children. Having said that, its simplistic, blocky graphics also mean it’s ridiculously an easy task to run, and the most recently released versions of the default Raspbian OS come with a custom-optimised copy of the game pre-installed.

If you have young children who enjoy Minecraft and you’re sick and tired with them constantly monopolising your tablet or computer, a Raspberry Pi can be an cost effective, rugged machine they can make use of for homework, movies and all the digital digging they’re able to address. You simply need a discounted monitor, mouse and keyboard, and you can even effectively take it if they are using it way too much.

18. Raspberry Pi projects: Build a talking toy
19. Raspberry Pi projects: Build a bitcoin mining system
20. Raspberry Pi projects: A tiny arcade case

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